Multiple Market Integration

Expand your reach with our latest update! Now, seamlessly list your products on multiple markets, allowing you to connect with a broader audience and boost your sales.

Enhanced Checkout Experience

Introducing the 'Add to Cart' feature in our personalized checkout form. Customers can now easily review and manage their items before finalizing their purchase. Streamlining the checkout process for a more convenient shopping experience.

Post-Purchase Redirections

After completing a purchase, guide your customers to the next steps with customizable post-purchase redirections. Whether it's a thank-you page, special offers, or additional resources, create a seamless transition for a more engaging post-purchase experience.

Expanded Shipping Options.

Now offering a variety of shipping choices to cater to your preferences. Choose from the following options to tailor your delivery experience



Explore the latest features designed to empower your business and elevate your customer experience.

Google Sheet Synchronization

Seamlessly integrate your data with Google Sheets! With our new synchronization feature, effortlessly keep your information up-to-date and accessible in real-time.

Flexible Shipping Options

Tailor your shipping experience with choices like standard, express, and free shipping. Set customized rates and offer location-specific options.

Customize post-purchase redirections effortlessly, including WhatsApp engagement, URL redirects, and Shopify order summary pages.

Advanced Tracking Pixels

Boost marketing insights with diverse tracking pixels, including Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. Optimize your ad strategies seamlessly.

Quantity Bundling

Encourage bulk purchases and upsell opportunities by offering quantity bundling options. Customize deals and promotions based on the quantity of items selected.


Increase sales and enhance the shopping experience by implementing cross-selling strategies. Recommend complementary products to customers during their shopping journey.

Versatile Redirection Options

Elevate post-purchase engagement with our customizable redirection options. Direct customers seamlessly with choices like WhatsApp integration for personalized communication, URL redirects for targeted content, and Shopify order summary pages for an enhanced order overview.

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